Welcome to martinkuscus.com. I am an author, speaker, coach and business leader. Over the last 30+ years, I distinguished myself in quite a few high profile positions I occupied in government and the corporate world both locally and internationally. Given my rich experience and strategic insights, I became a trusted coach and mentor to quite a few influential leaders from diverse sectors in society. Having been graced with the gift of communication, I had the privilege to address audiences all over the world in conferences and high impact meetings. 


One of my greatest passions is leadership development. I equip leaders to discover their purpose in order to live a life of significance and fulfillment. Leadership happens whenever you are in a position to influence the thinking, behavior and development of others. It is not for an elitist group like CEO’S, executive managers, ministers in government or anyone with a big title. If you have influence, you are a leader. I am availing myself to serve you in unearthing the leader within you and live to your true potential.

Martin Kuscus

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Martin Kuscus is a is a sought after speaker in the secular and church environments. With relative ease and a generous dose of humor, he has the ability to communicate on a diverse range of sometimes very difficult topics in a precise, practical, compelling and persuasive, yet graceful manner. He has this rare ability to captivate his audience with honesty and humility borne out of a challenging life journey. His talks are thought provoking that empower his audience with actionable steps that can be put into action right away, to improve the way they lead.


Martin Kuscus

The Coach

Nobody of note made in life without the support of someone that can objectively guide them, and has earned the respect and authority to ask the hard questions about that person’s life. Martin has been trained as a Life Coach and his approach involves high levels of interaction for the purpose of increasing his client’s effectiveness, performance, personal development and growth. Martin is of the firm believe that one must first have a sense of your true identity from within, in order for your goals, dreams and desires to become a true reality. 


“There is a leader in all of us that’s waiting to come to the fore in a unique and special way”


Martin Kuscus

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Dear Friend – One of my greatest passions is people development. I have been graced with the gift of helping people to discover their purpose in order to live a life of significance and fulfillment.  As part of my contribution specially for you in this regard, I will be publishing a weekly blog and a podcast. To receive regular updates if the blog and podcast, I would like to invite you to subscribe on the link below. For all new subscribers, I will send you my FREE eBook:



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The Leadership Pitstop Podcast

Welcome to The Leadership Pitstop podcast. Life in our current day and age, has become a very complex undertaking. There are just so many competing interests making demands on our time and resources. It can at times feel like an unending race that is fast, fierce and highly competitive,  which warrants the wit, skill and temperament of a Formula 1 racing driver. To finish strong in this race called life, we need to learn to pace ourselves properly. One fundamental principle in Formula 1 racing that we can learn from, is that the driver must at strategic intervals, make a pitstop. It is in that brief yet critical moment in the pitstop, that the driver can recharge, reset and refocus. Failing which, he will never finish strong in the race.

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