Martin Kuscus

Keynote Speaker and Coach

Keynote Speaker

Martin Kuscus is a is a sought after speaker in the secular and church environments. With relative ease and a generous dose of humor, he has the ability to communicate on a diverse range of sometimes very difficult topics in a precise, practical, compelling and persuasive, yet graceful manner. He has this rare ability to captivate his audience with honesty and humility borne out of a challenging life journey. His talks are thought provoking that empower his audience with actionable steps that can be put into action right away, to improve the way they lead.


One of the highlights of his speaking engagements was to share a platform with the revered John Maxwell on five occasions during his visits to South Africa and Zimbabwe. On the 9 June 2008 he had the rare privilege to speak at the United Nations General Assembly during a thematic debate on Global Private Investments and Climate Change.


Some of his favorite subjects include:

  • Building the Brand in You
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • Diversity Beyond the Numbers
  • Building a Dream Team
  • Servant Leadership
  • Smart and Healthy Boards
  • Family Matters!


Nobody of note made in life without the support of someone that can objectively guide them, and has earned the respect and authority to ask the hard questions about that person’s life. Martin has been trained as a Life Coach and his approach involves high levels of interaction for the purpose of increasing his client’s effectiveness, performance, personal development and growth. Martin is of the firm believe that one must first have a sense of your true identity from within, in order for your goals, dreams and desires to become a true reality. There is a leader in all of us that’s waiting to come to the fore in a unique and special way.


In his coaching journey he engaged with many people whom he was able to:

  • Rewrite their life story informed by past failures
  • Create a greater sense of self-awareness
  • Have clarity of purpose
  • Gain traction in their endeavors through proper accountability mechanisms
  • Discover the hero in themselves through servanthood; this had a major influence on those in their immediate circle beyond formal authority.
  • Communicate their intentions with clarity and get authentic feedback


He also conducted group coaching sessions where there was misalignment of roles, expectations and effort. In certain instances the organizational culture was so toxic, informed by a host of perceptions and just downright intimidation that engenders fears and insecurities. Having been in similar set of circumstances on his leadership journey, he has developed the ability to empathize and respond to any personality, leadership deficits and group dynamics challenges. This resulted in the type of outcome where there was clarity of mission, focus, healthy communication, relational integrity and improved outputs.


Are you looking for someone that can take you to next level leadership that will equip you to live a life of significance and greater fulfillment? Someone that is sufficiently skilled based on hard- earned life experiences to help you navigate the journey to live your best possible life? If so, contact me to find out how I can help in translating this dream into a reality.

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